who we arE//

we're keenan and bri fitzpatrick. artists. lovers of life. married with two boys.

imagine even in the darkness being able to see the light. even in the cracks of our own human imperfections and frailty, shedding light. maybe the shadow is meant to illuminate the light? we often walk blindly, not able to see the way forward, and we need others to help guide us under His wing.

we hope to help shed the beauty of light into your homes, your families, your experiences, your lives and to see the beauty of what is already existing and to take care of and keep forever as a reminder of His faithfulness and love in our lives.

our job and privilege is to enlighten others hearts through our eyes and your own. to be enlightened means having greater knowledge of and understanding of something. we hope that you are enlightened by the work we do, to not only see just photography or videography, but to see the beauty, truth, and goodness behind every shot, and in every video. may we all see a path, a way forward, and may beauty guide us.

what we do//

we are a photography plus videography duo! simply put, we capture special moments of life, ranging from engagements to families to the first day of school! 
every person, couple, or family we work with is more than just a client. we try our best to get to you know you beforehand, after all we're telling your story. with any video or photo session, we like to sit down with you after to share the experience of what we get the opportunity to see. we can't wait to get to know you better!



who we are